What butter stick fits the ButterBox?

The ButterBox ™ holds 4 oz. slender East Coast butter sticks--NOT the stubbies (West Coast butter sticks)

Where is the product made?

Our product parts are manufactured in Malaysia.

What is the maximum temperature the silicone ring can withstand?

The silicone ring can withstand up to 400 °F and the  holder at 325 °F

Do you sell replacement parts?

Yes, some replacements parts are available in our "Shop" upon availability.

BUTTERBOX™ Instructions manual to use

Instructions manual from ButterBox packaging. DOWNLOAD

Helpful Videos

Slender (East Coast) butter sticks that fit

  • Challenge Butter

    Local supermarkets

  • Meyenberg Goat Milk Butter

    Whole Foods and local supermarkets

  • Medlee Farmhouse Butter

    Whole Foods and local supermarkets

  • Trader Joe's Organic Butter

    Trader Joe's

  • Country Crock

    Local supermarkets

  • Kerrygold

    Sams Club, Costco and Local supermarkets

  • Danish Creamers

    Local supermarkets

  • Tillamook

    Vons, Pavillions & local supermarkets

  • Lucerne

    Local supermarkets

  • First Street Premium Butter

    Smart & Final

  • Vermont Creamery

    Whole Foods and local supermarkets

  • Maple Hill Organic

    Whole Foods and local supermarkets

  • Blue Bonnet

    Walmart & local supermarkets

  • Imperial

    Walmart and local supermarkets

  • Vital Farms

    Whole Foods & local supermarkets

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