Family Owned & Operated

Au Cao is a family owned business in California. We use the best materials and elegant designs to elevate cooking and eating.

We’re inspired by a desire to simplify everyday chores, and our goal is to reduce tools and streamline tasks needed to prepare and share food.

Story Behind ButterBox™

Like millions of families, ours found comfort in the kitchen when national Shelter in Place orders started in 2020. Every meal became an opportunity for family bonding, storytelling, and special treats. 

With grocery stores running low on lots of items, one of our favorite homemade treats was crepes. One day while making them, we joked about having to butter the pan over and over and decided there had to be a better way. After dozens of design iterations tested by family, friends, and neighbors in California, we launched our first product, the ButterBox™

Easy to Use + Food Safe Materials

Along with being a safe, clean, and fast way to butter a crepe pan (problem solved!), the ButterBox™ is great for buttering toast, corn, bbq, and hot skillets. 

The ButterBox™ keeps butter fresh, eliminates the need for messy butter dishes and knives, and enables easy control of the amount of butter used. It’s made of food-grade BPA-free plastic with a silicone heat guard, and is designed to go from the fridge to the countertop in seconds.