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The patented Au Cao® ButterBox™ reimagines your butter dish as a space-saving vertical butter spreader.

Simplify Everyday Chores

Dishwash Safe Bag

Perfect Fit for Slender Butter Sticks

Unlike other products where the wrapper is removed, the ButterBox loads the slender sticks with the wrapper on, making it quick to use and reducing mess.

Slender Butter Stick Brands


  • 1. Fit Slender Butter Sticks

    Designed to fit Eastern butter sticks, keeping the wrapper on for convenience and less mess. Built-in serrated edge for easy wrapper peeling as you go.

  • 2. BPA-Free & Food Grade

    We are committed to enhancing your experience with premium materials, using high-quality plastic and silicone sourced from Germany.

  • 3. Dishwasher Safe

    Cleaning is a breeze with our dishwasher-safe butter holder.

  • 4. Saves Space & Time

    Quickly transition from refrigerator to spreading butter on toast in mere seconds.

  • 5. Airtight Seal

    Our product features an airtight seal to prevent odors in your refrigerator, maintaining the freshness of your butter.

  • 6. Free from Cross-Contamination

    The ButterBox is an excellent solution for preventing cross-contamination in a gluten-free kitchen.


Great product and seller! I like that it is small, so it doesn't take up a lot of room if the fridge.


I saw a friend use this butter holder while making pancakes for a Sunday
brunch at home. When I went on Amazon, I found other similar ones out
there, but when I did the comparison, I settled decidedly to buy this
brand. I’m so glad I did! It came nicely packaged, was thoughtfully
designed, and was BPA-free. I liked that I could remove the paper cover
of a stick of butter easily. I was looking forward to testing it out and
so far, I’ve used it to lightly grease a cake pan and butter the
griddle for my blueberry pancakes. I realized this would come super
handy when we go glamping in our trailer and have to butter grilled corn
and steaks. Also, it stands securely upright so I don’t have to deal
with clunky glass butter dishes anymore. I’ve broken a few of them so I
would just get plastic wrap to store a partially opened stick of butter
-- not anymore! I wish I discovered this gadget sooner, and now that I
have it, I’m one happy gal.

Sebastian Penn

The item was exactly what I expected. Got this for my spouse as a Hanukkah present and he LOVED it. Item arrived in a timely manner. Would order from this seller again.

Krystle Wright

This product is comfortable to hold since the edges are rounded and smooth. I enjoy baking and this product makes it easier to spread the butter on my baking tray. The ButterBox looks great on my charcuterie board by giving my cheese/cold cut tray a creative unique look. It also looks so pretty in my fridge. A beautiful product done right.


Can a butter holder be cool, have sleek design, and work well? Yes, yes it can. BUY this now. It has changed how we use butter in our household. Someone obviously put a lot of thought behind the design. Most butter holders are made of crappy, flimsy plastic and looks terrible. This is NOT! It's such a beautiful design. Arrived in gorgeous packaging too! It's especially fun for my kids ages 5 and 7 to use. It cleans up easily and is very easy to hold. I have issues with my hands and using knives, so it makes holding and spreading butter a breeze. The airtight container keeps the butter fresh on my counter. I like having room temp butter to use right away. Butter dishes get all messy. The Butterbox keeps everything neat and tidy. My kids loves to use it on their corn on the cob. Buy this! It's an awesome find.


A friend gave me a ButterBox and I loved that it takes most of the mess out of using butter, whether to put a light coating on my toast (I'm not really supposed to have butter!) or a heavier coating on corn on the cob, or to grease my loaf pan (Yes, some of us still prefer to butter the pan when baking, to avoid the chemicals in the spray cans!) or skillet. Just plunk the butter stick, still in its wrapping, into the BB, use the serrated edge on the bottom to tear off the paper, and push to advance. Viola! No mess! Yep, I'm a bit of a foodie and so I really appreciate the quality of the plastic in this product--I don't have to worry about the effect of BPA on my grandkids' brains or on my blood pressure--and the silicone wrapper at the bottom doesn't melt from the high heat in a skillet.

It never occurred to me that I needed a tool to dispense butter! But like so many other things these days,, now that I have one, I can't imagine doing without it.


Love the clean and well thought out design. Easy to use, no mess, and such a small footprint in the fridge. I highly recommend this product!

Kathryn A.

ButterBox is such an amazing tool to have in the kitchen. It's a butter holder and spreader tool all in one. When a friend told me about this product, I had to get one and we LOVE it! It stores our butter upright which saves space but, it also makes using butter so easy and convenient. It's simply brilliant!! We use it to butter pans, instead of getting spray oil all over the place. We also love buttering toast without having to use a knife. I was blown away by the quality of the ButterBox from the moment I opened the packaging. I'll be ordering more as it makes a unique and useful gift for anyone who enjoys cooking.

S Lee

Love the clean and well thought out design. Easy to use, no mess, and such a small footprint in the fridge. I highly recommend this product!


10/10! I love this butterbox. It came up as an ad when I was looking for a butter dish and I'm so happy that I purchased it. Not only does it spread and hold the butter but it's so easy to use as well. I use this to butter my pan, toast, pancakes, waffles...literally anything you put butter on! The best part for me is the no mess and easy to clean design. I never have to worry about annoying greasy fingers and the box comes apart no problem so I just have to clean it and add another butter stick!


Since I got my Box from a friend, the thing that I like most is no more knives to cut and spread with, and so little space in the fridge! And it really works well--to butter toast and corn and to even butter a cook pan. It is pricey, but well worth it; you can tell it's high quality material and it's a very sleek design. Have sent several to friends as Christmas gifts.


Works well as intended but very pricey.

Papa T.

I love this product! It keeps my hands clear of butter and the
application is such a breeze. The silicon base not only helps apply the
butter evenly but also seals the butter for good storage when not in
use. The case design makes portion control an easy task. Unlike other
butter spreaders that lay horizontally, the ButterBox stands tall in the
fridge occupying much less space. I can see the creator has put a lot
of thought into designing this product. I enjoy using this product. It
is also a good table topic when I have guests over.


I saw a review of this a while ago and thought it was a cool product, but was hesitant to buy it because people were saying that their butter didn't fit. I ended up getting it anyway and it works fine with any thinner long butter stick. It's a lot easier than using a glass dish for butter because it's not as much of a mess and it does what it's meant to do.



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