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This ButterBox Butter Holder Will Be Your New Favorite Kitchen Gadget

This ButterBox Butter Holder Will Be Your New Favorite Kitchen Gadget

This ButterBox Butter Holder Will Be Your New Favorite Kitchen Gadget

It's a butter holder, knife, and spreader all in one!

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It's rare when a new kitchen tool comes along that truly makes you wonder why it hadn't been invented earlier. A cast iron rust remover, a microwave bacon grill, an outlet shelf―each of these items solves a common problem with an easy solution that feels like pure genius when you finally try it.

Well, we may have just stumbled upon the next great kitchen hack in the form of a sleek butter holder called the ButterBox. And before you roll your eyes and question why a butter dish could possibly be life-changing, hear us out! It's a storage solution, butter knife, and portion-controlled spreader all in one―the kind of kitchen multitasker you never knew you needed until now. Let's review the delicious details!



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Like the best butter dishes, ButterBox holds a standard, four-ounce stick of butter (the long, East Coast style) so you can conveniently slice off a pat to throw in a pan or butter your morning toast. It is airtight with a silicone seal, so it keeps your butter fresh. And check this out: You don't even have to take off the wrapper! Nope, no more fumbling around to peel it off or seal it back up. You just slide the stick in and the patent-pending wrapper cutter does the job for you as it distributes the butter. It also stores vertically, saving that highly coveted shelf space in your fridge and on your counter.

Now here's the coolest part, in our opinion: It comes with a portion control slider, so all you have to do is push one end and a little pat of butter comes out the other side. That means if you're buttering an English muffin or greasing a Bundt pan, you don't need to bother getting a separate butter knife dirty. It can go right onto a pancake griddle, too, because the silicone is safe up to 325 degrees. Just distro and go!

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That said, we think the very best way to use it may just be on corn on the cob. As much as we love fresh corn, we have to admit that getting butter on it can be awkward and messy to say the least. The ButterBox makes it so much easier to swipe the butter on all sides without the mess. Now that is the pure genius we were talking about earlier.

ButterBox is also dishwasher safe, so you can easily clean it up before you pop in another stick of your favorite butter brand. (And if you prefer margarine versus butter, it can hold a stick of that, too.) So, what are you waiting for? It's corn season! You'll thank yourself all summer as you pat yourself on the back (get it?) for having fresh, delicious butter at your fingertips all year long, without the fuss. And once you see that it lives up to the hype, buy it as a kitchen gift for all the home cooks in your life.