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Must Have Product review - Cheryl Kramer Kaye
ButterBox – An Innovative Kitchen Tool

by Jen

Have you heard of ButterBox? It’s an innovative kitchen tool that allows you to store your butter in an airtight, upright butter dish and it also doubles as a knife-free spreader.

Recently I received my own ButterBox from Au Cao. As I looked at the box and instruction guide, I wondered, how does this spread butter?

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Au Cao

The ButterBox takes a whole new approach to a butter dish; no summer kitchen should be without one. Dishwasher and food safe, the high-quality BPA-free plastic and silicone design are safe up to 325°, so you don’t have to worry about setting it down in the wrong spot while cooking. The upright cover adds a sleek, clean look wherever you store your butter, making for an easy, mess-free application with easy portion control. Simple but highly effective and the ultimate butter tool for every summer kitchen!

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This ButterBox Butter Holder Will Be Your New Favorite Kitchen Gadget

by AnnMarie Mattila

It’s rare when a new kitchen tool comes along that truly makes you wonder why it hadn’t been invented earlier. A cast iron rust remover, a microwave bacon grill, an outlet shelf―each of these items solves a common problem with an easy solution that feels like pure genius when you finally try it.

Well, we may have just stumbled upon the next great kitchen hack in the form of a sleek butter holder called the ButterBox. And before you roll your eyes and question why a butter dish could possibly be life-changing, hear us out! It’s a storage solution, butter knife, and portion-controlled spreader all in one―the kind of kitchen multitasker you never knew you needed until now. Let’s review the delicious details!

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Another butter gadget - ButterBox gets 9 out of 10!

Testing the ButterBox from Amazon!

ButterBox™ – Upright Butter Dish & Spreader

When I first heard about ButterBox I was skeptical that I would actually use it. I honestly thought that it would be another one of those kitchen gadgets that I would use once and then forget about it. Boy was I wrong!

When I received it I was surprised to see how nice it looked and felt. I washed, dried it, and filled it with a stick of butter. I immediately liked how easy it was to fill. But I loved how easy it was to use! I also really like that it doesn’t take up much space in the fridge. Using it is fun and easy. From buttering a pan to spreading on toast or bagels, this must-have product is great! There is definitely no going back for me now, I’ve used it daily and absolutely love it!

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Say hello to your new must-have, no-mess kitchen tool. ButterBox is a hassle-free, airtight and upright butter dish and knife-free spreader. The patent-pending vertical design uses 4-ounce slender butter sticks with the wrapper on and takes up less space in the fridge. The integrated silicone seal keeps butter fresh and is designed to go from fridge to counter, becoming a butter dish, knife, and applicator all in one!

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A traditional (ish) Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Mom & Grandma
A traditional (ish) Mother’s Day Gift Guide for Mom & Grandma

This is one of those “why did I never think of this?” gadgets that once she has, she’ll wonder how she ever got along without it. The ButterBox is a stylish, space-saving alternative to your traditional butter dish and is extra helpful to the moms out there who are looking to use less butter and stretch a dollar. We all know it’s so easy to just use a knife and dollop way more butter than is needed on to a pan during those busy family meal preps.

The kids and YES, even the GRANDKIDS can butter their own corn, toast, or whatever they’re eating with the ButterBox without the danger of picking up a knife as well, giving mom time to finish what she’s doing and allowing them to feel grown up about being able to do it themselves. At just $34.95, ButterBox is a hassle-free, airtight and upright butter dish and knife-free spreader. ButterBox was founded by busy California-based mom Trang Cao in response her wanting a more stylish, mess-free tool to do the cooking she loves; most notably her love of making crepes for her family.

Pick one up for Mom (and one for yourself while you’re at it) on Amazon

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